Causes Of Strained Vocal Chords: Remedies For Damaged Vocal Chords

Strained vocal cords is not something unusual, it is a common problem faced by many people as a result of shouting, straining of voice for a longer time etc. Vocal cords are two band of muscles situated in the voice box, which medical people call as larynx.

When we talk, these tiny bands of muscles stretch.

When these muscles become exhausted or get damaged it results in hoarseness or loss of voice. There can be accompanying pain and discomfort in the throat, with excess of mucus production and difficulty in swallowing.

Causes Of Strain On Vocal Chords

Strained vocal cords is not limited to a certain class of people, we all rely on our vocal cords to speak. Therefore this condition can occur to anyone and at any time. There are multiple factors responsible for triggering hoarseness and loss of voice, though screaming, shouting and straining your voice while singing is most common cause.

Smoking is another common cause for straining the vocal cords. The band of muscles becomes hardened as a result of smoking.

Nodule or a polyp in the larynx, enlarged thyroid gland, throat infection, hypothyroidism, reflux esophagitis, respiratory infection leading to cold and cough are some of the common causes for strained vocal cords.

The vocal cords can also be affected by stroke, sinusitis, psychological trauma, spasm ad paralysis of vocal cord. Sometime surgery around the vocal cord can damage the nerve, and cause loss of voice.

Home Remedies For Damaged Vocal Chords

Since strained vocal cords most of the time is caused due to over strain of voice, the first thing that needs to be done is to give absolute rest to the vocal cords. Do not try to speak loudly or speak only when required in low tone.

  • Try and avoid exposure to cold air, as cold air can worsen the problem. If you want to go out in cold sip some hot water or herbal tea, this will moisten the mucous membrane of throat as well as reduce the inflammation.
  • Stay away from alcohol and other caffeinated beverages.
  • Steam inhalation is extremely valuable for treating strained vocal cords. It serves two purposes, firstly it reduces congestion, and secondly it fights if there is any infection.
  • You should avoid breathing through mouth.
  • Salt water gargling is another useful measure for relieving strained vocal cords.
  • In winter season and dry weather, use humidifier in your bedroom.
  • Breathing exercises helps the strained vocal cords to relax.
  • Green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits are also effective in clearing the mucus plugs from the throat and reduce tension on the vocal cords.
  • Mix one tsp of honey, with a dash of lemon juice and pepper in warm water. Sip the liquid leisurely; it is a known natural remedy to soothe the vocal cords.
  • When there is chronic loss of voice or hoarseness, speech therapy is an effective measure to promote strength to vocal cords.
  • If there is an infection in the throat, use of antibiotics and anti inflammatory helps to reduced the strained vocal cords.

Surgery is indicated, when there is chronic hoarseness due to a polyp or a nodule on the vocal cord.

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