Causes of Throat Obstruction | Throat Blockages, Congestion Causes

Throat Obstruction Causes:

There are a number of reasons why a person may get something stuck in their throat. One of the reasons when it comes to young children is due to curiosity and lack of supervision. Usually babies and toddlers get something stuck in their throat when they are left alone and they find something interesting to put in their mouth. This is when trouble happens. In adults, there are other reasons for throat obstructions. Here are some of them:

  • A person may get something lodged in their throat when they try to eat too fast or swallow without chewing their food thoroughly. Sometimes, when a person eats too fast, they neglect to see what it is they are putting in their mouth and fail to see a jutting fish bone or a sharp chicken bone. Swallowing immediately without chewing properly then allows these sharp objects to go down the throat and get stuck there.
  • A throat obstruction can also happen when a person talks while eating. This somehow forces the food down the wrong way and causes a person to choke.
  • Eating things that are too big to swallow properly can also cause an obstruction in a person’s throat. Such foods like meat and even large pieces of fruit and vegetables can get lodged in a person’s throat.

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