Natural Cure for Throat Obstruction | Treatment for Throat Blockage

Throat Obstruction Natural Remedies:

Getting help immediately for a throat obstruction problem can greatly help a person from suffering more than just minor discomforts or minor injuries. Here are some quick remedies that you can try for just such problems:

  • When you find that a fish bone is lodged in your throat, one of the quick solutions you can try to get this fishbone unstuck is by trying to swallow a spoonful of cooked rice.
    Bread can also do this.
  • Some people find that when a chicken bone is stuck in their throat, gargling with a little bit of vinegar helps to soften chicken bone. This step is then followed by the rice or bread swallowing technique.
  • When choking is the problem, depending on what is stuck in the throat, there are two solutions you can use. The first one is the Heimlich maneuver for large food particles stuck in his throat. Another one is if a bone is the one causing the choking. When a chicken bone is big enough to cause the choking and you suspect that there is a sharp edge to the bone, the Heimlich maneuver won’t do.
    You will need to open the person’s mouth, pull out his tongue, and try to hook the bone out of his mouth with your finger at the same time as when you pull out his tongue.

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