Throat Obstruction Symptoms | Signs Of Throat Blockage, Congestion

Signs of Throat Obstruction

One of the main symptoms you will notice with a throat obstruction is the pain that usually comes from the area of the obstruction. Sometimes, when a person has a bone stuck in their throat, this can cause a tear to occur. This tear can bleed and can cause irritation and may even get infected if a person does not do anything to remedy the problem immediately.

  • One of the symptoms that you can expect from a problem with blocked throat that involves a fish bone or a chicken bone is difficulty in swallowing.
  • Even water may be difficult and painful to swallow due to the blockage in the throat. This bone can also cause the surrounding walls of the throat to swell, making the passageway even more constricted.
  • Difficulty in breathing and possible fainting and even death is possible when an obstruction in the throat that blocks a person’s airways happens. Immediate attention should be given to remove such a blockage.
  • When a child has something stuck in his throat, one thing that will alarm you to it is the constant crying and the possible difficulty in breathing that they will have, depending on what is stuck in their throat.

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