Tonsil Stones Causes And Symptoms: How To Get Rid Of Them Naturally?

Tonsil stones are relatively rare condition, characterized by accumulation of calcified crystals in the crevices of tonsils. This condition is more frequently found in the palatine tonsils, compared to the lingual tonsils. While the exact cause for tonsil stones are not known, this condition is easily manageable using simple home remedies and natural treatment options.

This article provides information about how to treat tonsil stones naturally.

Tonsil stones are also referred to as Tonsilloliths, which are calcified cluster of material that gets logged between the cervices in the tonsils. Mostly tonsil stones are composed of calcium, while in some cases these stones may also contain ammonia, carbonate, magnesium and phosphorous.

True tonsillar stones are a rare condition and usually small calcified clusters may be observed within the crevices inside the tonsils. These are more frequently found in the palatine tonsils. The recorded weights of tonsil stone range between 300 mg to 42 grams.

Tonsil stones occur more frequently among adults compared to children.

While smaller tonsil stones may not be noticeable, even larger stones are often detected incidentally on X rays.

Cause And Symptoms Of Tonsil Stones

While no apparent causes for tonsil stones are known, it may contribute to a host of conditions,

  • Poor oral hygiene may increase the risk of infection and bacteria getting accumulated in the crevices in the tonsils, which in turn may result in formation of calcified crystals.
  • Some individuals may have a predisposition to calcification, due to poor calcium metabolism or excessive intake of calcium. Such individuals may also be prone to development of tonsil stones.

While in most cases, tonsil stones are not accompanied with any specific symptoms, however frequently observed symptoms include halitosis (i.e. bad breath from the mouth) and pain while swallowing.

Other symptoms include recurrent tonsillar infections, bad taste in the mouth, earache and sore throat. Other less frequently observed symptoms include sensation of tightening around the throat, choking and fits of cough.

How To Get Rid Of Tonsil Stones Naturally?

While normal tonsillar stones may not require any specific treatment, symptomatic tonsil stones may be required to be treated using simple home remedies and natural treatment options. Some of the techniques to dissolve tonsil stones naturally include the following,

  • Throat irrigation is considered to be one of the best techniques. Irrigate the tonsils with warm water, either using a syringe or an irrigator (though most electrical irrigators are not recommended). Excessive force can damage the tonsils or lead to injury, hence use the irrigation technique with caution.
  • Deep gargle with salt water can also benefit, since it can lead to dislodgment of the calcified crystals and alleviate the pain and other symptoms associated with the tonsil stone.
  • Homeopathic remedies like Merc Sol and Baryta Carb are considered very beneficial in management of tonsillar stones, especially when the condition is associated with swelling and inflammation of the tonsils.
  • Use a clove or peppermint to cover the bad taste in the mouth. Don’t use chewing gums or other foods that contain sugar or saccharine, as they can increase the risk of bacterial growth in the mouth and thereby hamper the treatment of tonsil stones.

If these home remedies don’t work visit your physician immediately.

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