Preventing Tinea Versicolor | How to Prevent Tinea Versicolor

Tinea Versicolor Prevention Measures:

When recurrence of tinea versicolor is your problem, you may want to take some preventive measures to stop this from happening. Here are some suggestions that may help you stop this fungal problem from recurring:

  • One of the ways you can try to keep tinea versicolor contained is to keep your body clean and free from oily residue and sweat whenever possible. Take a shower whenever you can to help wash off the sweat and to keep skin fresh and free from oily build-up.
  • Try to wear clothing that can keep you cool and can get your sweat to evaporate faster. Cotton clothing is ideal.
  • If you are into tanning and you have a history of this problem, you might want to reconsider your tanning habit since this can exacerbate the condition. This can also cause your skin to darken considerably making your spots more visible should they recur.
  • Antibacterial soaps and antifungal soaps that are mild enough for your skin should be used to help keep the recurrence to tinea versicolor low. You should also try to avoid using creams and lotions that your skin is not used to or that are too oily can also cause the problem to recur.

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