What Causes Toothache | Reasons for Tooth Ache

Toothache Causes:

One of the main causes of toothaches is the exposure of the nerve endings of the tooth. The nerve endings often get exposed due to a number of reasons, and the no.1 reason probably is when a person does not take care of his teeth thereby causing these to rot and decay.

The rotting of the teeth then exposes the nerve endings that are found encased in the enamel of the tooth, and contact with any substance will cause a jarring pain that can last for a few seconds or can linger for minutes.

  • A person can also experience pain in their teeth when they are exposed to very cold or very hot food. Sometimes eating something hot and then following it immediately with something cold will cause pain to happen and this pain will often cause a person to grimace due to its sudden intensity.
  • Another possible reason why a person may suffer from toothache is when he gets a tooth or teeth chipped due to an accident or a physical event.
    A person may have a toothache when it gets chipped since the nerve ending will also become exposed in an event like this.
  • Gum diseases are also causes for tooth pain. When a person has gums that bleed or gums that are swollen and abscessed, he may suffer from pain in the teeth in the area where the swelling is.

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