Remedies for Treating Toothache During Pregnancy

Women go through a lot of changes especially when they are pregnant. They experience changes in hormonal levels that may also lead to changes in the immune system. Toothaches during pregnancy are said to be results of hormones. Some toothaches may also be the result of bacteria buildup in the teeth.

Toothaches in Pregnancy

  • Toothache can be a common occurrence during pregnancy. It can be caused by bacterial infection, cracked tooth or different gum problems. The pain can vary from mild to severe.

  • Most pregnant women do not want to visit their dentists because they fear dental care including x-rays and tooth extraction might affect babies. It is best not to ignore the pain because it may worsen the pain and might bring complications later on if not treated.

  • The problem with pregnant women having toothache is the pain adds to the stress the mother feels which is very unhealthy and it is also not beneficial for the unborn child.

    As a result of toothache that is left untreated, the mother can give birth to a premature baby or a baby with a very low birth weight.

  • If you are concerned about the x-ray that you are about to have, the baby is protected thru the lead shield. Radiation will not affect the baby.

  • Dental care and hygiene is really important especially that you are pregnant. Toothache may also be an indication of another problem that should be properly addressed to health care providers.

Toothache in Pregnancy Remedies

Here is a list of remedies to ease the pain of your toothache but not a remedy for toothache itself.

  • Applications of ice pack externally but stop if the pain worsens.

  • Wet a piece of cotton with clove oil and apply to the affected area. Clove oil contains antibacterial microbes which help to fight the growth of bacteria.

  • Have tea tree oil as an antiseptic.

  • Gargle salt and water mixture.

  • Place a ground clove on the affected tooth.

  • Avoid foods that contain excessive sugar.

  • Consume fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C.

  • Pregnant women should avoid over the counter medicines, like pain relievers and analgesics. These medications are not recommended for use during pregnancy.

  • It is also advised that you visit your doctor so he can prescribe the right pain reliever.

  • For severe cases, dental care is highly recommended.

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