Toothache Natural Treatments | Home Cure for Tooth Ache

Toothache Natural Remedies:

These toothaches do not develop overnight, but they may act up all of a sudden, leaving you in a lot of pain. Sometimes these toothaches happen in the middle of the night when there are no dental offices that are open to help you out. Here are some home remedies you can use for toothaches should you find that one is bothering you at night or even during the day:

  • Garlic has rather antiseptic and pain-relieving properties that you can use to help with a sudden toothache.
    Simply peel a single clove of garlic and mash this with some salt. Put this paste in the cavity of the painful tooth and you will feel the pain slowly go away.
  • If you suddenly wake up to a pain in one of your teeth due to cavities and the only thing in your kitchen is an onion, you are in luck. An onion can help keep the pain down until you are able to go to a dentist in the morning. Simply cut a small piece of the onion and put this piece over or in the painful tooth or gum area that hurts.
  • Clove oil is a very effective remedy for tooth ache and painful gums.
    Simply putting a drop of clove oil in your infected tooth or around gums that are swollen can help ease the pain.

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