Signs And Symptoms Of Toothache: Get Rid Of Pain In Tooth Naturally

Symptoms Of Toothache

When talking about toothaches and symptoms, the first thing that may come to mind is the pain that the patient will feel with this ailment. Usually, the pain a person feels when they have a toothache is a jarring pain that quickly runs from the infected tooth to the head.

The patient may feel his/her head throb from the toothache. The pain may also run to the ears.

Another symptom that one can expect when he/she has a toothache is the swelling of the gums around the infected tooth. Usually, this means that bacteria are in the area and it has infected the exposed tooth nerve endings and the gums. Often, these bacteria are the main cause of pain as they weaken the tooth structure and affect the nerve endings.

Pus may also be present when a patient has a toothache. Usually, he/she will notice pus when there is a tooth or a gum abscess. This can be easily seen as a whitish color on the outside of the gums.

For the molars, the usual symptom that the patient will see is a gaping hole in the middle that looks like a crater. This crater may be large and deep enough to have a grain of rice or any food stuck in it. This is what usually causes a person a lot of pain, when pieces of food get stuck in such cavities.

How to Prevent Pain In Tooth

  • The best way to prevent toothaches from ever occurring is to have good dental hygiene. This can be achieved with the following:
    • Brush teeth at least twice a day
    • Floss regularly
    • Use mouthwash
    • Visit the dentist every six months
    • If there are cavities, dental caries, and other problems, have these treated as soon as possible to prevent further decay
    • Keep teeth strong by minimizing intake of highly acidic foods.
    • It is also a good idea to avoid carbonated beverages and foods rich in sugar.
    • Teeth need calcium to stay strong. Increase intake of foods rich in calcium, including milk.

How To Get Rid Of Toothache

The following are common home remedies to treat toothaches:

  • Peel off a clove of garlic and crush the tip. Insert this inside the tooth cavity.
  • Eat a piece of lime.
  • Make a paste out of vinegar and ground bark of bay berry. Apply in the affected tooth.

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