How to Prevent Tuberculosis Disease | Preventing TB Infection

Tuberculosis Prevention Measures:

Trying to avoid getting infected with TB or tuberculosis is achievable if you take precautions as well as watch your health. Having a high immune system may help keep you from getting infected by this ailment should you be exposed to the bacteria that causes it. A high immune system is often brought about by a proper diet, exercise, enough rest, and the intake of resistance-building vitamins and minerals like vitamin C and beta-carotene.

  • One of the ways you can try to avoid certain types of TB is to have yourself vaccinated with a TB vaccine. This vaccine can also help prevent the spread of the disease in areas where the ailment is known to be prevalent or where it is likely to easily spread. This vaccine is called BCG and is ideal for use by people who are constantly exposed to others who may be sick with this ailment like health workers and those who frequent congested areas where people do not have proper living conditions.
  • The most obvious preventive measure that you can make when trying to avoid tuberculosis is to avoid being around people who have this disease. You can also prevent yourself from getting TB if you avoid going to places that are congested and do not have good living standards.

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