Diet for Underweight Treatment | Foods to Gain Weight

When you are underweight, the focus should be on healthy foods that can make you gain healthy weight, not those unhealthy and cholesterol clogging junk foods that can make you gain weight but can cause you a lot of health problems as well. Here are some tips on how to battle being underweight through your diet:

  • When you want to gain weight, do it the healthy way.
    Do not resort to eating burgers, chocolate pastries, and such then just sleeping the day away. You might gain weight this way, but it is unhealthy weight. What you need to do is increase your caloric intake with healthy foodstuff that will not clog your arteries.
  • Try to increase the volume of the healthy food you eat instead of just increasing the volume of what you eat without considering whether these are healthy choices or not. Opt to increase your intake of dairy products to also increase the strength of your bones and your teeth with the calcium in them.
  • Drink a lot of fruit shakes that are made with fresh milk and fresh fruits. These can indeed help you gain weight but these are healthier as compared to junk food and greasy food.
    You can make banana milk shakes, cantaloupe milk shakes, and even mango milk shakes. For an added boost in flavour and dairy goodness, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream or two to these mixtures.

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