Underweight Symptoms | Signs of Being Underweight

One of the main signs of being underweight is of course the marked loss of weight in a person and their being too thin or too skinny for their age, height, and gender. Depending on the ailment that is causing the person to become underweight, there are other symptoms that show up as well. Here are some of the more common symptoms that arise when a person does not have his or her ideal weight:

  • A woman who is underweight may suffer from certain problems with her menstruation. She might suffer from irregular menses or she may find that her menses have stopped altogether. She might also have menstrual periods that are regular in arriving but can last only a day or two at most, and these often appear as mere spotting and not have the usual amount of discharge that is normal for a menstrual period.
  • Other symptoms that can be seen when a person is underweight is a weakened state where he or she cannot do things that require the normal strength of an individual of the same age and gender but with normal weight.
  • A person who is underweight may also easily get tired or suffer from fatigue, may suffer from dizziness, or have fainting spells.  They may also be prone to getting illnesses due to their weakened state.

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