Causes and Ways to Prevent Recurring Bladder Infections

Bladder infections are categorized under urinary tract infections. On its own, it is known as ‘Cystitis’. Patients with recurrent bladder infections should examine the possible causes for the condition in order to treat it.

  • It is not uncommon to suffer from recurrent cystitis
  • Effective treatment will involve indentifying the microbial agent causing the problem, this is done through urine specimen culture
  • Patients should also be looking to their medical history to determine possible causes of recurrent infections.

Causes for Recurring Bladder Infections

There are a number of possible causes for cystitis, they include:

  • Choice of underwear and Pants – Pants worn too tight can be a causative factor of the condition
  • Not drinking enough water

Women and Cystitis

  • Urinary tract infections, cystitis included, is common in women.
  • This is mainly due to a woman’s anatomy
  • The length of the female urethra is shorter than that of the male
  • It is also closer to the anus than the male’s urethra
  • This length and its proximity to the rectum makes it possible for bacteria to easily travel up the urethra and into the urinary organs

Symptoms of Cystitis

Here are some of the most common symptoms for cystitis and other forms of urinary tract infections

  • Persistent urge to urinate and frequently passing small amounts of urine
  • Burning sensation with urination
  • Cloudy urine, urine may also be pink or cola colored, these latter two indicate presence of blood
  • Strong smelling urine – some patients complain of a very strong ammonia scent, others report a sulfur-like smell
  • Women can experience pelvic pain
  • Men can experience rectal pain

Fever and chills may also be experienced.

How Is It Treated?

  • Treatment is going to involve the use of antibacterial agents. Treatment courses may have to be made longer in recurring infections.
  • Patients may also be prescribe cranberry juice and other similar drinks to help deal with the infection, An Acid Ash diet may be necessary in some cases
  • Prevention is advocated because frequent antibacterial use can lead to a decrease in its effectiveness

How to Prevent Recurring Bladder Infections

  • Urinating immediately after intercourse – helps to flush out the bacteria
  • Wiping Front-to-Back and not Back-to-Front after defecation is a way to prevent bladder infection.
  • Drinking lots of water – frequent urination can help to flush out bacteria and prevent infections
  • Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes
  • Avoid drinks that could possibly irritate the bladder including soda, alcohol, beer, and caffeine until the infection clears up.

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