What Causes Urticaria | Hives, Nettle Rash Causes | Reasons of Wheals

Urticaria Causes:

What exactly causes the appearance of these rashes or welts? Why does a person get urticaria? A person may suffer from hives due to a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is when an allergen is present and causes these rashes to appear. Certain allergens that can be blamed for these rashes include food, airborne allergens like pollen or dust, chemical allergens, and a whole lot more.

  • Sometimes urticaria or hives just happens without any trigger or without a known trigger. This can be very frustrating since people won’t know how to prevent its recurrence or how to prevent it.
  • Medications can also be blamed for certain cases of hives or urticaria. Some people have this rash as a side effect of the medication they are taking and may need to switch medications to get rid of the rash that erupts with what they are currently taking.
  • Sometimes a person may get these rashes due to emotions that overwhelm them. Feeling overly shy or feeling overly excited can both bring about these rashes that can be bothersome.
  • Bug bites and other insect bites can also trigger an attack of urticaria. Some people who are allergic to these bugs may experience more severe welts and wheals than those who are not allergic to them.
    In some worst cases, they might even experience anaphylactic shock if the allergic reaction is severe.

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