Diet for Urticaria Treatment | Foods to Avoid Hives or Nettle Rash

Urticaria Diet:

When you want to avoid urticaria or hives or when you are trying to treat yourself when you have this problem, your diet can play a big role in your healing process or in your preventive measures. Here are some dietary tips you might want to consider when you are worried about urticaria:

  • Aside from avoiding eating any of the foods that can cause you these welts, you may need to increase your intake of such foods that can help you increase your resistance to these things.
    Increase your intake of vitamin C to help increase your immunity and resistance to such problems. Sources of this vitamin can be found in a number of fruits, with citrus fruits having the most vitamin C content of them all.
  • Depending on what you are allergic to, you might need to avoid certain foods like eggs, pineapples, shellfish, strawberries, and tomatoes that are considered some of the more common causes for urticaria.
  • You should also avoid certain substances that can aggravate a problem with hives. Included in the list of the things you need to avoid are dairy products, alcoholic beverages, and high caffeine products like chocolates, coffee and tea.

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