Symptoms of Urticaria, Hives | Signs of Nettle Rash, Wheals

Urticaria Signs:

The most common symptom that a person with urticaria will notice are the welts or the rashes that will appear in certain parts of their body. These rashes or welts can appear in a few different shapes and shades of red. Usually these welts are reddish or pink and are round or oval with a slightly swollen appearance.

  • The welts that a person may find on their skin due to hives or urticaria may be simple small rashes that appear as individual bumps that measure a few millimetres to a few inches in diameter. These welts are often very itchy and annoying.
  • These growths can also appear as rings or as round lesions with flares on the edge. These welts can be found on any part of a person’s body from the face, to the trunk, to the legs, and arms.
  • This rash can change size and appearance depending on how severe the allergy is. A person may find himself with a small rash on his arm at one time then find that it has grown into a bigger welt that is a few inches in diameter later on in the day.
  • If a person is extremely sensitive to the allergen that caused these welts, he or she may also experience anaphylactic shock as part of the symptoms of this attack.

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