Natural Way To Remove Spider Veins On Chest: What Causes It?

Spider veins on the chest are appearance of red and blue lines on the surface of the skin. These appearances are attributed to veins in the skin. These veins become apparent either due to bulging of the veins or due to thinning of the skin.

While spider veins are more common on the neck and the face, they may appear around the chest.

Spider veins are usually not associated with serious medical conditions.

Causes Of Spider Veins On Chest

There are a host of causes that are linked to formation of spider veins on the chest,

  • Hormonal changes which occur during pregnancy, puberty or menopause can lead to formation of spider veins. In females, temporary spider veins can occur due to engorgement of breasts that occur during third trimester of pregnancy and lactation.
  • Wearing tight undergarments like tight bras can lead to spider veins on the chest. This is attributed to poor circulation or blockage of blood flow in the chest region.
  • Obesity is another major factor that increases formation of spider veins. The condition is aggravated by lack of activity.
  • Advancing age and family history are also associated with formation of spider veins on the chest.
  • Trauma or direct injury to the chest can also lead to the development of spider veins on the chest.
  • Over exposure to the sun can also lead to skin thinning and increase possibility of spider veins on chest.
  • Rarely does hypertension or blood clot in the veins result in spider veins on the chest. These forms of spider veins are more common in the lower extremities.

Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Spider Veins On Chest

  • Regular pull-ups or pushups can help improve blood circulation in the chest. This helps in drainage of blood via the veins and prevents clogging due to clots. Also simple chest exercises help burn fat around the muscles, thereby reducing pressure of the skin veins.
  • Increase intake of pungent foods like garlic and onions. These typically help in thinning the blood and prevent clot formation. It is essential to consult your doctor before making a dietary modification. Individual with blood clotting disorders should avoid these foods.
  • To reduce appearance of spider veins linked to aging, local application of vitamin E solution is very helpful. Vitamin E helps build collagen fiber in the skin and therefore improves skin thickness and reduces spider vein appearance.
  • Avoid tight clothes, especially undergarments like bras. These can interfere with drainage and can lead to spider vein formation.
  • Other simple lifestyle tips include ensuring protection from direct sun exposure especially between 12 to 4 pm. Sun screen protection or overdressing can help protect the skin. The most preferred time for sun bathing is either morning or late in the evening.
  • Local application of vinegar and turmeric paste can help in improving the appearance of spider veins. Including fresh fruits and vegetables in diet result in higher supply of flavanoids, which improves skin health. This in turn helps reduce appearance of spider veins.

Other health tips include avoiding alcohol, restricting the intake of salt and increasing the intake of spicy foods like cayenne which helps in weight loss and improves blood concentration.

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