Diet, Juices for Vomiting Treatment | Foods to Avoid Vomiting

Vomiting Diet:

Dietary changes should be made for those experiencing from vomiting. Regular food can be hard for the stomach to take in and hence will be thrown up immediately. The best diet approach to be given to a vomiting patient is foods that are quickly cleared by the stomach.

  • High-fat content foods are digested slowly putting the patient at a risk of vomiting again. Low-fat-containing food with lots of liquid and taken in small meals frequently helps relieve vomiting. Dry and unsalted soda crackers are best eaten upon setting in of nausea.
  • It is also important to observe the right time to eat. There should be no food intake one hour after the last vomit. After which, the patient can start eating small servings of bread, broth, or flat soda.
  • Fluids lost during vomiting must be replenished quickly. Experts would recommend drinking of juice extracted fresh from apples, carrots, and ginger. Aside from juice preparation, ginger can also be brewed or sucked in as crystallized or candied. Ginger can also come in a gelatin capsule with 500 mg of the powdered herb.

Other fluid preparations that are great for vomiting include:

  • Tea from nutmeg and cumin seeds.
  • Pineapple juice with a pinch of ginger, black pepper and just a little amount of sugar.
  • Water with ten drops of lime juice and small amounts of baking soda and sugar.
  • Onion juice and ginger juice in equal amounts.

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