What are the Causes of Foot Warts and How to Get Rid of them at Home?

Warts are caused by various strains of the human papillomavirus. These are bumps on the skin that may or may not be painful. Often, what bothers the patient is the fact that the wart is there and that it could be unsightly to see.

Foot Warts

When a wart is found anywhere on or under or at the sides of the foot, it is called as foot wart.

The medical term for foot wart is plantar wart. Around 7 to 10% of the people in the US are affected by plantar warts.

Like other warts found in the body, a foot wart can actually be self-limiting. That means that treatment is often not necessary as the wart will clear itself out after a certain period of time.

However, even when a plantar wart is self-limiting, having one can be painful. This is especially true if the wart is located at the sole of the foot. Pressure and weight of the body accompanied by friction in walking or doing physical activities can irritate the wart or cause pain. That is one of the most common reasons why patients seek medical attention to get rid of the wart that causes pain.

Foot Warts Causes

  • Contrary to popular belief, warts are not caused by fungi but by virus. A foot wart is caused by certain strains of human papillomavirus. These strains cause the foot to have rough bumps with thickened skin. The bump may have a very small size although some large foot warts had also been noted.
  • There is an old wives’ belief that frogs can cause warts. That is completely not true because frogs are not carriers of the human papillomavirus. The transfer of the virus happens from the infected person to another.
  • Still, although contagious, it is not so contagious that merely being touched by an infected person can cause warts in another person. Often, the virus will only be contracted if there is a break in the skin of both the patient and the one being infected.

How to Get Rid of Foot Warts

  • Soak the affected area in warm water. This will soften the roughened skin on top of the warts. An emery board can also be used to remove the top layer of skin from the warts. Apply medication.
  • Plantar warts can also be treated using freshly cut pineapple applied on the affected areas.
  • Crush a clove of garlic. Apply this on the warts. Cover with bandage to keep it in place.

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