Does Freezing Warts at Home Really Work and Its Healing Time?

Freezing Warts at Home

Most warts are very minute in size and are not serious enough to warrant a medical intervention. Several techniques employed by doctors in wart removal are chemicals, surgery and cryogenic freezing. Freezing warts at home can be done through a number of wart removal products that can be obtained over the counter.

The following are guidelines on how to freeze a wart at home:

  • Choose a wart freezer product that would be the safest to use. Make sure that the product will not cause irreparable skin damage and other complications. It would be best to research on products online first before actual purchase.
  • Inspect the contents of the package carefully. Read the package instruction and make sure that the ingredients used to make the formula are safe for human use. Note any damages that would deem the product unsafe or unfit for use. Check the expiration date, if any.
  • Examine the applicators included in the package. Select an applicator that would be the most suitable for the size of the wart to be removed.
  • Prepare the materials needed for the wart removal.
  • Choose a well-lighted spot within the home. Area should be clean and free from irritants.
  • Clean the area of the wart to be removed.
  • Place the applicator between the thumb and forefinger.
  • Gently apply pressure on the applicator until the opening at the tip of the applicator is opened. The holder of the plastic applicator should be inserted in this hole.
  • The foam applicator can then be inserted into the hole on the can of the liquid freezing mix. Use a table or any similar surface and press the plastic applicator firmly. A hissing noise would be issued from the object.
  • The applicator should then be removed from the container. The top of the foam applicator should be applied on the wart.
  • Allow the foam applicator to remain on the skin for an amount of time not exceeding 20 seconds.
  • A freezing and tingling sensation will be felt on the area.
  • The wart should fall off after two to three weeks. The process may be repeated until a third time if the first time fails. Consult a doctor if the third application fails to remove the wart effectively.

Freezing Warts Healing Time

  • Without other complications, healing can take a space of 7 to 14 days maximum.
  • Allot two weeks for the skin to properly heal. If blisters form around the area, do not try to remove them.
  • If the skin fails to heal completely or other skin conditions occur, seek consultation from a doctor.

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