How to Get Rid of Venereal Warts and What are Its Symptoms?

Venereal warts are warts found in the genitals and the anal area. On rare cases, these can also infect the patient’s mouth if he or she engages in oral sex with an infected person. These are also known as genital warts and are caused by certain strains of the human papillomavirus. This is a highly contagious sexually transmitted disease, often with a higher percentage observed in sexually active people between 14 to 19 years old.

Not all people who contract the virus responsible for genital warts will develop these unsightly roughened bumps on the genital area or the anus. In fact, only about 5% will actually do. However, those who are infected yet not showing any symptoms can still pass the virus to others.

Because anal and any form of genital cancer are caused by human papillomavirus, those who have genital warts fear that they would also develop cancer. Well, the strains that cause warts and cancer are different from each other so that these will not cause the patient to develop the other. Only when the patient actually contracts the specific strain will he or she be at risk of developing the ailment.

Venereal Warts Symptoms

The following symptoms are characteristic of venereal warts:

  • There will be warts appearing at the genitals. These are rough or thick skin that could appear as individual masses or as clusters.
  • In men, the warts will appear at the:
    • Tip, base, or shaft of the penis.
    • Inside or around the anus.
    • Scrotum
  • In women:
    • Inside or outside the vagina.
    • Inside or around the anus.
    • Cervix
    • Uterus
  • Other symptoms common to both men and women:
    • Pain in the areas surrounding the warts.
    • Burning sensation during urination or if the area becomes wet.
    • Lesions in the affected areas.

How to Get Rid of Venereal Warts

  • To date, there is no known cure for venereal warts. The only way for the patient not to experience this is to practice safe sex and be monogamous with someone who is not infected with the virus.
  • Still, it is possible to alleviate the irritation and pain felt on the affected areas. This can be done by using topical creams and ointments.
  • Physically cauterizing and burning these warts with laser are not very useful in eradicating the warts. These procedures are quite expensive, painful, and take too long to recover from but the warts often grow back again after some time.

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