Subungual Wart Symptoms: Home Remedies To Treat & Remove Warts

The HPV or the human papilloma virus is responsible for the development of warts, which could occur on diverse body parts. Skin that is breached can be infected very easily by the virus, thus you should take great care if you have a cut or scrape.

Warts that develop under your nails are called subungual warts.

They may be under the fingernails or toenails, and the location makes treatment a little difficult compared to the more accessible warts.

The HPV virus is transmitted by touch. Children and young adults are more likely to develop warts, as are those who have a weak immune mechanism.

Symptoms Of Subungual Wart

Subungual warts can damage the nail bed and impair the nail permanently if neglected or untreated. The wart may also move the nail out of place, causing it to separate from the nail bed altogether if it becomes too big.

Most subungual warts are painless, but due to their location and the pressure that is exerted on them, there may be some degree of pain. These warts should not be overlooked and ought to be treated promptly.

Treatment & Home Remedies To Remove Subungual Warts

  • Various treatment options have been recommended to remove subungual warts. Frequently used therapies are – podophyllin, electrocoagulation and carbon dioxide laser treatment. Confer with your health care provider as to the best treatment option for you.
  • Podophyllin wart paint is very frequently advocated; it comprises of 1 part of podophyllin, acetone and salicylic acid, and 2 parts of collodion benzoin. This has to be applied 2 to 3 times every day for optimal results.
  • Carbon dioxide laser therapy is more effective and needs just one session; what’s more, there is less recurrence rate.
  • Electro coagulation is also recommended. Infrared coagulation is a surgical method that is very infrequently used in the treatment of warts; on the other hand, it is a safe and cheap therapy and should be kept in mind as an alternate modality for the treatment of warts.
  • Your doctor may also suggest freezing or cryotherapy or liquid nitrogen therapy in case the warts are really accessible. But, you will require recurrent treatments and the reappearance rate is somewhat high. Freezing works by producing a blister around the wart and then, the dead tissue is sloughed off.
  • Garlic has been touted as a really effective home remedy for warts. Have 3 to 5 flakes of raw garlic for a month. Garlic helps battle HPV and prevents recurrence successfully.
  • Apple cider vinegar is another excellent home remedy that has been used time and again for the effective and successful treatment of warts.
  • Wart medications and patches are obtainable at drug stores. Buy a wart patch containing 17 % salicylic acid. You need to use the patch every day for 3 to 5 weeks. Soak your fingers in warm water for 15 minutes before you apply the patch; then file away the dead skin with a pumice stone between treatments.
  • Minor surgery may be necessary particularly if there is too much damage to the nail and nail bed. The wart tissue and the nail bed tissue may have to be excised. Surgery is usually used for warts which do not respond to other therapies; it is usually the last resort for the management of warts.

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