Underarm Warts Causes & Symptoms: Home Remedies To Remove Warts

Warts are growths on the skin which occur due to viral infection. They are harmless and benign, but can be unsightly and troublesome and in certain cases even painful. There are a host of different types of warts which develop anywhere on the body, including under the arms.

Under arm warts occur due to HPV or the human papilloma virus.

It is decidedly contagious and gets transmitted from individual to individual via physical contact. There are various treatment options that promise to get rid of underarm warts – home remedies as well as professional therapy.

Warts develop a wide range of sizes and appearances. It could be a bump with a rough surface, or may be smooth and flat. Miniscule blood vessels grow in to the core of the wart to supply it blood. By and large, warts are painless. Occasionally, in certain cases, a wart may get painful.

Home Remedies To Remove Warts Under The Arms

  • Most commonly, experts recommend shaving the armpit, placing a duct tape over the wart and leaving it for 7 to 10 days.
    Thereafter, after 10 days, remove the duct tape and soak the wart in warm water. Use a nail file or a pumice stone to get rid of the wart. Repeat until the entire wart tissue has been removed. The use of duct tape for wart removal has proved to be efficacious time and again and is recommended by a host of experts.
  • Over-the-counter medications such as salicylic acid also proffer relief. Salicylic acid treatment typically takes 6 to 10 weeks for complete removal. Salicylic acid can be bought at the pharmacy and it does not need a prescription. Warts are usually filled with keratin, a type of protein; and salicylic acid breaks down the keratin. Application of a solution which contains salicylic acid helps remove the wart tissue. Follow the medication instructions properly and keep applying the solution till the wart is successfully detached.
  • Once the wart has been removed, you need to treat the area properly. The area will be tender and is susceptible to infections. Apply first aid cream and cover with a bandage until the area completely heals.
  • You need to seek medical attention for obstinate cases of underarm warts which do not respond to home treatment. Your health care provider will assess the wart and decide the most optimal way for its removal.
  • Your doctor may advise freezing, laser surgery, chemical blistering, or electro-surgery to manage the case successfully.
  • Furthermore, you need to consult your doctor if the wart turns red, is tender or swells. If the wart bleeds or there is a discharge, there may be a more serious underlying problem that calls for quick medical attention.
  • If some cases, home remedies do not work at all, and surgical intervention may be the only effective method of removal. Freezing warts with liquid nitrogen removes them. The liquid nitrogen gives rise to a blister beneath the wart. In due course, the blister falls off and the wart will come off along with the skin. Laser surgery, which makes use of carbon dioxide laser to burn off the wart is also effectual in case other treatments fail.

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