Warts On Knees Symptoms: Causes & How To Get Rid Of It Naturally?

Warts are small growths of skin caused by human pappilloma virus (HPV). They are common on hands and feet, but they can also occur on any part of skin surface including knees. There may be clusters of warts on knee or a single wart. Most warts have rough skin surface and in appearance they look similar to cauliflower.

Some warts have a small black dot on its middle portion. Warts are contagious and they can be contracted from someone having warts or it can spread to other areas of skin from its original place. Warts can be distinguished into different varieties such as common warts, flat warts, plantar warts, and filliform warts. All types of warts have distinctive appearance.

What Causes Warts On Knees?

Warts on knees are usually common warts as these types of warts generally occur on body areas prone to traumatic injury. Knee warts are painless but occasionally bleed due to their peculiar location. They can appear in front or back of knee area.

Anyone at any age can suffer from warts but they are common among young adults. Those with weak immune system are more likely to suffer from warts. Warts develop because HPV virus causes thickening of upper layer of skin. Warts on knee are rough and thick. They are pink, white or skin colored with 1 to 10mm in size. Warts on knees which may have disappeared may appear again even after the treatment.

Warts do not indicate a serious health problem but they appear ugly and most people like to remove them for cosmetic reasons. They usually disappear on their own over a period of time. However, they can be easily removed with various conservative as well as surgical measures.

How To Get Rid Of Warts On Knees Naturally?

Warts on knees are common warts and they are harmless, except they sometime bleed or become painful because of their location. They usually disappear on their own within 18 to 24 months, but some people find them embarrassing. Here are some of the treatment measures to remove warts.

  • Duct tape: Warts on knees can be removed with the help of duct tape. Place the tape on wart and leave it for few days. It has to be replaced for few more days. After 6 days remove the tape and soak the area with warm water. Rub an emery board or pumice stone gently over the wart and keep it open overnight. Place a piece of duct tape once again in the morning. This procedure has to be followed until the wart is removed from its base.
  • Apply salicylic acid on the warts present on knees. Apply the ointment daily for many weeks to get the desired result.
  • Liquid nitrogen is another remedy which most dermatologists prefer to remove warts present on knees. Liquid nitrogen freezes the wart. As a result the blood supply gets hampered and within few days warts fall off. It may take two to three sitting in some cases.
  • Homeopathic medicine Thuja is a time tested remedy for removal of warts. It can be applied in liquid form as mother tincture.

Home remedies are equally useful in removal of warts present on knees. Apple cider vinegar, potato juice, banana peel, thin slice of eggplant etc are all effective in getting rid of warts.

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