Symptoms Of Warts In The Throat: Home Remedies For Throat Warts

Throat warts are also referred to as ano-genital warts are caused by the HPV (Human Papillomavirus). While these warts usually appear on the genitals or anal region, they may appear on other parts of the body including the throat. When the symptoms of warts in the throat are observed, the condition is also referred to as Laryngeal papillomatosis.

The warts in the throat are typically whitish in color and appear like pieces of cauliflower. In most cases warts are located in the back of the throat; however they may appear in the cheeks, lips or inside the mouth. This is a rare disease and caused by the HPV virus.

The symptoms and their severity vary depending upon the location, size and behavior of these warts. Warts in the throat are uncomfortable. Unfortunately there is no treatment or cure for the HPV, so even if the warts are removed surgically, they may recur. As per estimates, a wart in throat is a rare disease condition and affects 200,000 people in the United States.

Symptoms Of HPV Warts In The Throat

Some of the common symptoms associated with warts in the throat are listed below.

While in most cases, the symptoms vary depending upon the exact location and size, constant irritation in the throat is a common feature,

  • Throats warts may be associated with breathing difficulty, especially if they are too large and obstructed the trachea (or the wind pipe). This may also cause labored breathing especially following any form of excretion.
  • Throat warts are associated with difficulty in swallowing and are associated with irritation and burning sensation in the throat. Dysphagia is a common complaint, especially when there are multiple small warts in the throat.
  • Hoarseness of voice may be experienced, especially when the warts affect the vocal cords. Some patients may experience changes in voice.
  • Throat warts may cause irritation of the throat, which may also result in chronic coughing, with or without the production of phlegm.

Natural Home Remedies For Throat Warts

Here are some simple home remedies and natural treatment options for the treatment of throat warts at home,

  • Vitamin C supplements are considered very valuable in the management of warts in throat. Vitamin C help’s builds up immunity and fights viral and bacterial infections naturally. Alternatively include citrus fruits like lemon, lime, oranges, etc in your diet. These fruits are loaded with vitamin C.
  • Thuja tincture is also an important remedy for the management of throat warts. If the warts are located near the oral cavity, apply Thuja tincture directly on to the warts, alternatively one can gargle with thuja tincture (after it is diluted with four parts of water). Thuja tincture can also be taken internally for treatment of throat warts.
  • Add one teaspoon of turmeric, one tablespoon of raw honey to a glass of water and gargle with the mixture. Turmeric is a strong anti-inflammatory agent and reduces pain and irritation caused due to throat warts, while honey can help fight the viral infection.

If home remedies don’t work, it is recommended to visit your doctor. There are alternative treatments including lazer treatment or liquid nitrogen treatment, which may be beneficial in the treatment of these warts.

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