Causes of Warts on Fingers and Effective Ways for Removal

Warts on Fingers

  • Warts on fingers, also called periungal warts, are usually caused by human papilloma virus.

  • These are not cancerous but cause discomfort and embarrassment to some.

  • Typically, the color of warts is like the skin tone. These are rough to touch and can come out in any parts of the body, but these usually grow in fingers, hands, feet and face.

  • These occur more commonly among younger adults and children.

  • Particular warts on fingers are called seed warts because of a black dot on the tip. This is in fact a capillary vessel that supplies the blood into each wart.

  • The virus causing the warts on fingers gets into the system from cuts or scratches in the skin.

Warts on Finger Causes

  • Warts can transfer from one person to another. And the typical cause of finger warts is contact with an individual infected by the human papilloma virus (HPV).

  • These could also be due to bruises or cuts where the virus and other infections can easily enter.

  • The chief cause of warts on fingers is the HPV which is a type of virus affecting the mucus membrane and skin.

  • When the virus enters the system, it grows rapidly on the epidermis of the skin and this brings about wart formation.

  • However, the origin of the human papilloma virus is not so clear.

  • The two of the most common ways by which the HPV spreads are through picking and biting fingernails as these lead to inflammation and bleeding in the skin surface.

Warts on Fingers Removal

The main goal of finger warts removal is to keep them from recurring and to maintain a healthy skin. Here are some ways to remove warts on fingers:

  • Aloe vera-containing ointments – This will not just keep the warts at bay but also keep the skin healthy and moisturized to hinder recurrence of warts.

  • Wart-remover with salicylic acid – This substance is found effective in preventing build up of dead skin cells contributing to wart formation. Furthermore, using salicylic acid is painless and this can permanently remove the warts.

  • Cryosurgery – This process is done to remove warts without damaging the surrounding skin. It can be done by a doctor or at a home using a good product.

  • Duck tape – Making use of this can actually remove the warts with lesser pain. To use this effectively, the tape must be worn for around one week. After removing it, the finger with wart must be soaked in water which will soften the wart for easy removal.

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