Wart On Scalp Home Remedies: Its Causes And How To Remove It?

Warts are universal skin problem affecting young and adults of both genders. They are skin overgrowth caused by various types of human papilloma virus (HPV). Warts are the most common clinical manifestation of HPV infection, occurring on virtually any cutaneous surface, most frequently on the hands, feet, legs, genitals, face and even on the scalp.

They appear as tiny raised rough or smooth bumps, sometimes elongated projections on the skin surface. Warts may develop as a single lesion or there may appear in clusters.

Warts in general are non cancerous skin growths and do not pose any health risk. They are asymptomatic, however when present on scalp, accidental scraping or a cut may lead to bleeding and infection. Warts on scalp usually are not visible to others as the hair covers it, but a person having it may find it annoying while combing or washing his hair.

Scalp warts appear as fine finger like projection, a characteristic feature of filiform type of warts. Most warts regress spontaneously over a period of time.

There are several treatment options to get rid of warts which range from chemical cauterization to effective home remedies.

What Causes Warts On Your Scalp?

Warts are caused by a type of virus called human papilloma virus (HPV). Infection always originates from persons who harbor the virus. Infection occurs through cuts and breaks in the skin as a result of close contact with the infected person.

The other mode of transmission is autoinoculation in case of warts on scalp. Shaving or cuts and scrapes on scalp can result in spread of warts to the adjoining skin area. This is called autoinoculation. Warts are caused by number of types of HPV. For example HPV type 1, 2, 4 and 26 causes filiform and common warts. While anogenital warts are caused by HPV type 6 and 11.

Warts on scalp usually develop in adults, but children can also get infected with the virus. Once the virus enters the body, it may take 1 to 3 months for the wart to develop. Warts can spread from one area of the body to another. A person having low immunity is more susceptible to develop warts.

How To Remove Warts On Scalp?

Warts on scalp can be tender and painful when you comb your hair. Most warts regress suddenly after a period of time. Many people seek treatment as they may appear ugly when present on scalp. There are several ways to remove warts present on scalp; the conventional approach is chemical cauterization, cryotherapy, elctrocautery, and laser treatment. Home remedies are found effective and they are economic.

  • Chemical treatment consists of applying salicylic acid, lactic acid, cantharidin etc. These chemicals are applied in the office of a doctor 2 to 3 times in a week. After few weeks the warts disappear.
  • Cryotherapy: Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen is a favorite for removal of warts on scalp. The wart is frozen with liquid nitrogen. It is done once in two to three weeks. In some cases only one sitting may be required. The skin over warts become dead and over a period of time the wart falls off.
  • Pulsed dye laser has become popular recently for removal of warts, including warts on scalp.

Home Remedies For Scalp Warts

Home remedies and alternative remedies useful for scalp warts are:

  • Onion: Peel the skin of onion and cut it into equal half. Now rub the cut surface on the warts. Do it two times in a day for optimal benefit.
  • Garlic: Place a garlic clove on the wart and keep it overnight. Wrap the clove with a tape or a bandage and remove the clove in the morning. Follow the procedure every night. It may take few days to few weeks for the wart to disappear.
  • Apple cider vinegar is beneficial in number of ailments. It is also effective in treatment of warts of scalp. Pour a few drops of vinegar on a cotton ball till it becomes significantly wet. Rub the cotton ball on the wart in circular motion for few minutes. After few days of its application you may find the wart has disappeared completely from the scalp.
  • Homeopathic medicine Thuja is proven for getting rid of warts. Apply mother tincture of Thuja on scalp warts regularly.

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