How To Treat Signs And Symptoms of Infectious Warts Skin Disease

Infectious Warts In The Body

Warts are caused by a number of strains of the human papilloma virus. There are many different kinds of warts that could affect a person. Common warts, as their name implies, are the most common form of warts. These are raised and have a roughened surface. These are contagious.

These are commonly found in the hands but could spread to other parts of the body.

The most infamous warts are genital warts which are highly contagious and transmitted through contact with infected sexual organs. Still, most warts are not painful. In fact, many people may have warts somewhere in the body at one point in life. Because warts are not much of a nuisance, one may not even realize that he/she has been infected with the virus.

It is hard to pinpoint when exactly the virus contracted, even based on wart development because it takes some time before it appears on the skin after being exposed to the virus.

Often, the patient would not know where, when, or from whom he/she got the infection.

Symptoms Of Infectious Warts

  • It is difficult to identify the symptoms because there is really not much to feel. Although there are times when the warts are itchy, but then it could be difficult to determine if the itchiness is really because of HPV or something else.
  • There are a lot of skin irritations that may be caused by other viruses or microorganisms so that it is difficult to say if the itching is really coming from one specific organism.
  • Some warts may have hard and rough surfaces while others have flat.
  • In common warts, the only symptom that would be evident is the formation of the roughened skin above the surface layer. The color may vary from skin color to dark brown and almost black.
  • Sometimes the warts could form clusters that look like cauliflower.
  • There are also times when the warts occur as lumps with several black specks at the middle part.

How To Treat Infectious Warts

Most of the warts just go away without treatment. Still, to hasten healing, the following home remedies are great options:

  • Take a clove of garlic. Crush it gently to make the juice come out. Rub this on the warts every night. Then, secure over the warts using bandage. Remove in the morning.
  • Cut a small piece from a fresh banana peel. Soften the wart surface with warm water before rubbing the banana peel. Take another piece and attach on the surface using bandage. Again, leave on overnight.
  • Place a piece of duct tape on the warts. Replace daily.

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