Causes of Painful Periods or Dysmenorrhea and Its Home Remedies

Causes for Painful Periods

  • Primary cause of having painful periods or dysmenorrhea is the increased activity of the prostaglandin hormone. This hormone are produced in the uterine lining by cells and causes muscles of the uterine to contract when it is released by the endometrial cells.

  • Alcoholism.

  • Fibroids. These are benign or non-cancerous tumors that grow in the uterus and considered as the most common type of pelvic tumors.

  • Endometriosis. This condition happens when the tissues in the uterus that behaves like the cells found in the uterine lining develop in other areas of the body.

  • IUD or intrauterine device that is made of copper.

  • Ovarian Cyst.

  • Inflammatory Diseases of the Pelvic. These are infections that happen in the fallopian tubes, ovaries, or the uterine lining.

  • PMS or premenstrual syndrome. This condition occurs more commonly in women who are from ages 20 to 40 years, have at least one child, and has family histories of depression and affective mood disorder.

  • Sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Always feeling anxious and stressed.

What to Do for Painful Periods

There are a couple of medications that can stop the pain experienced during periods.

Doctors however recommend that patients should only use these medications after trying some home remedies.

  • There are antibiotics that can manage the pain that is caused by bacterial infection like those pain associated with sexually transmitted diseases and pelvic inflammatory diseases.

  • Antidepressants. These are prescribed medications that can help in stopping pain caused by stress and anxiety.

  • Birth Control Pills. These will control the prostaglandin activity and minimizes the pain felt during periods.

  • Take anti-inflammatory and pain reliever medications.

  • Patients are advised to call a doctor when the discharge increases in volume and has a foul smell, fever arises, have an IUD that has been placed for more than 3 months, pain is severe and sudden, pain occurs even when there is no period, and when medications that have been prescribed do not work.

Home Remedies for Painful Periods

  • Application of hot compress at the abdomen area.

  • Circular massages with the use of fingers in the lower abdominal area.

  • Drink plenty of hot and warm beverages.

  • Diet should have a lot of foods rich in complex carbohydrates.

  • Practice meditation and yoga.

  • Warm baths and showers.

  • Regular exercises including exercises that rock the pelvic.

  • Take supplements rich in vitamin B6, calcium and magnesium.

  • Legs should be kept elevated when lying down. Patients can also lie down on one side and bend the knees.

  • Meals should be eaten in small amounts several times in a day.

  • For obese or overweight patients, losing weight can help alleviate pain from periods.

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