Home Remedies for the Treatment of Breast Rash and Its Causes

A typical appearance of a breast rash is red, itching, sore and often associated with burning and irritation. Constant friction and excessive perspiration are the two most common causes of breast rash in women. Lack of adequate skin hygiene, wearing tight undergarments, etc can also amplify the problem.

Breast Rash Causes

Excessive perspiration during summers and in hot climates results in accumulation of sweat in the underwire of the bras which in turn increases the risk of rash on the breast. Further obese women are more prone to suffer from this condition. The chest region tends to get too little air ventilation which makes the environment moist and more suitable for the growth of fungal infection. Further, reinfection is fairly common, especially since fungal spores tend to survive and remain dormant on the undergarments.

Since the breast tissue is prone to fungal infections, women tend to use mild anti-fungal creams on regular basis. Over a period of time the effectiveness of these fungal creams also reduces considerably making management of breast rash complicated.

Breast Rash Treatment

Simple tips can be helpful in effective management of breast rash in women,

  • Always make sure that you wash your undergarments with hot water. This helps in destroying fungal spores that might survive regular washing technique
  • Avoid wearing bra while going to bed in the night. This allows adequate ventilation for the skin around the breasts and reduces the incidence of breast rash
  • Local application of talc powder under the folds of the breast tissue and along the sides of the arms helps in absorption of moisture and prevents the growth of fungal infections.
  • Bath with cold water. Bathing with cold water helps in closing the pores of the skin which in turn prevents excessive sweating from the skin and reduces the occurrence of breast rash

Breast Rash Remedies

Here are some simple home remedies which are effective in the management of breast rash,

  • Mix two teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice with a pinch of salt. Apply this mixture on to the skin, especially the portion of the breast under the folds. Lemon juice contains Vitamin C, which is a powerful anti-oxidants and prevents growth of fungal infections, while salt makes the local environment alkaline which is unsuitable for bacterial infections to grow
  • Mixture of lemon juice and raw honey are also considered beneficial. Honey has strong anti-fungal and bactericidal properties which protects the skin for bacterial infection.
  • In individuals already suffering from breast rash, local application of turmeric powder is considered beneficial. Turmeric powder has strong anti-bacterial properties which help in preventing the growth and multiplication of bacteria under the folds of the skin.

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