Hot Flashes In Young Women Causes: Symptoms And Home Remedies

You may have heard women above 40 complaining of sudden hot flashes, night time sweating or sleep disturbance, but seldom you may have heard women having the same complain when they are in their twenties or thirties.

Hot flashes or hot flushes as many refer to it, is sudden rise of body temperature which may cause flushing of face and neck with sudden perspiration all over body.

Symptoms Of Hot Flashes In Women

Usually, hot flushes are common when the women reaches menopause. She may experience sudden and intense heat in her body. Her face and upper part of body turns red for few seconds or minutes. Perspiration may follow these symptoms. The heart rate may also increase. All this happening is very sudden and rapid.

The symptoms go away as fast as they had appeared, that is within few minutes, but they can cause lot of physical and mental embarrassment for a woman. During menopause or between the ages 40 to 50, these symptoms occur as a result of decline in the production of two female hormones namely estrogen and progesterone.

She may also experience irregularity in her menstrual cycle.

However, hot flashes in young women are rare phenomenon. They usually occur in women who are in their late twenties and early thirties. The symptoms are similar to those that occur during menopause such as face turning red and hot, sudden perspiration, palpitation and mood swing. Since it is something very unusual, let us know what causes hot flushes in young women.

What Causes Hot Flashes In Young Women?

  • Sudden dip in production or circulating level of estrogen in the body, which is also called estrogen crash.
  • Hyperthyroidism: a hyperactive thyroid in woman can also give rise to sudden hot flushes with perspiration in young women.
  • Overeating of red meat having high concentration of nitrites or drinking excessive wine which has high concentration of sulfites can cause hot flushes.
  • Hysterectomy together with opherectomy, meaning total removal of uterus and ovaries due to medical problem in the early age, can cause hot flashes in young women.
  • Other reasons such as excessive indulgence of alcohol, caffeine or smoking can be associated with hot flushes.
  • Mental stress, conditions like tuberculosis, diabetes, can also cause sudden hot flashes in young women.

Home Remedies For Hot Flashes In Young Women

Normally if a young woman experiences hot flashes once in a while, there may not be any problem and she may need no medication. However, hot flashes occurring frequently in young women needs to be investigated. These women should always consult their doctor to know the cause.

  • Doctors generally prescribe antidepressants for alleviating the embarrassing hot flashes. They may also advise her to do certain tests to rule out hyperthyroidism, or any other organic cause. Besides this hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is also found to be useful. It has to be taken after consulting the physician.
  • The other natural methods include exercise and healthy diet. Exercise can help to relax your mind and body. Quitting cigarettes, alcohol will also help in relieving the condition.
  • The herb Black cohosh is often found valuable in treating hot flashes in women. However, it has to be taken after consulting an herbal practitioner since herbs are known to have some side effects.
  • Other alternative therapies include acupressure and acupuncture besides aroma therapy for a young woman who is suffering from hot flashes in her early age.

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