How To Prevent Saggy or Droopy Breasts after Breastfeeding?

Breast involution is a common process of breast sagging. However, breasts may start to droop at any age because they do not have muscles in them. They naturally have ligaments and connective tissues. These ligaments and skin can stretch when the gravity pulls the breasts down. Of course, the breasts will droop.

Saggy Breast after Breastfeeding

Sagging of the breasts is a natural phenomenon in women. Here are some of the points about saggy breasts:

  • Genes, diet, and aging play a role in the elasticity of the skin and ligaments of the breasts. Doubtless, breasts that are larger are easier to sag because the gravity is pulling them down more.

  • Also activities may affect the intensity and sagging. For example, if you are active in sports like tennis, badminton, jogging or running, the ligaments in the breast may stretch or tear.

  • Weight loss. The breasts are also made of fat. So, if a woman loses weight, some of the fat from her breasts disappear as well. It is because the ligaments and the skin in the breasts do not retract, which result in “empty” looking breasts, then, they sag.

  • Breast involution as mentioned earlier is a process when the milk-producing glands inside the breasts shrink because they are not needed anymore. This is common during weaning or even immediately after pregnancy if the woman opts for not breast-feeding.

How to Prevent Saggy Breast after Breastfeeding

Even if a woman is not breast-feeding, her breasts may sag sooner or later because sagging happens to all women, except, those who have very small breasts. Some teens may even have sagging breasts. Likewise, overweight women, whose breasts carry more fat, may sag deeper due to additional fat tissues, which put more weight to the breasts. Although sagging is inevitable, women can do something to delay the process. Here are some of the ways:

  • If engaging in sports or any physical activities that require a lot of movements, it is recommended for women to wear sports bras. These types of bras can prevent the breasts from bouncing a lot during the activity. Remember that bouncing can harm the Cooper’s ligaments inside the breasts.

  • The bras can affect the sagging in the breasts because these garments can either help the ligaments in the breasts to stay and gently move when a woman walks, runs, or do her physical activities.

  • Generally, it is the changes in pregnancy that affect sagging and not breastfeeding.

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