What are the Causes of Short Menstrual Cycle and Its Treatments

Short Menstrual Cycle

  • The menstrual cycle is a monthly occurrence in women when the body undergoes some hormonal changes. Every month, ovulation occurs when an egg is produced from the ovary. Part of the hormonal change in the body is to prepare the uterus for possible conception. When the egg is not fertilized, shedding of the uterine lining occurs, which is commonly known as the menstrual period.

  • Having a normal and balanced menstrual cycle has a direct result in achieving effective conception or pregnancy.

  • Because of hormonal imbalance, the menstrual cycle can be affected making it shorter and longer.

  • A short cycle happens when the menstrual period occurs earlier than the 25th day.

  • Once a menstrual cycle becomes short, fertility is affected because it lessens the number of days prior to ovulation or when egg cells are developed.

Short Menstrual Cycle Causes

Listed below are the usual causes why a woman’s menstrual cycle becomes shorter.

  • First time to menstruate – Younger women who just started to experience menstrual period can have varying cycle length. Short menstruation is common during this stage.

  • Forthcoming menopausal age – Older women who approaches menopausal years experiences abnormal menstrual cycle which can be longer or shorter.

  • Biological conditions – Continuous short menstrual cycle can be an indication of a serious health condition like biological hormone insufficiency. Overactive or underactive thyroid gland affect hormonal production in the body which includes the hormones produced in the ovaries.

  • Normal condition – It can still be normal to have short menstrual cycles once or twice each year. At some point, the egg becomes unviable under unexpected biological reasons that the body goes through like stress.

Sudden Short Menstrual Cycle Treatment

  • Since short menstrual cycle has different causes in various women, it is important to know the specific cause in a particular individual to know the appropriate treatment.

  • If the problem is caused by hormonal deficiency, this has to be addressed to normalize the menstrual process in the body.

  • When the cause is affected by the abnormal activity of the thyroid gland, this has to be treated with medication and hormonal therapy in order to effect a regular and balanced cycle of menstruation.

  • Since stress is sometimes associated to have direct result in the shortening or ceasing of menstruation, women under too much work or pressure must learn how to manage this.

  • Pills or patches or rings are the most common methods for hormonal therapy in women suffering from irregular menstruation including short menstrual cycle.

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