Causes And Home Remedies For Sore Breasts After Ovulation

There are many women, who complain of soreness and tenderness in their breast after ovulation right until they get their next period. Many of these women become pregnant while others may have their next menstrual cycle. The reason for sore breast after ovulation is attributed to the hormonal changes occurring during and after ovulation. This change roughly takes place in the middle of the menstrual cycle.

By and large since many women experience sore breasts some time in their life during and after ovulation, it is considered to be a normal phenomenon. Though soreness and tenderness of breast may be a discomforting symptom after ovulation in a woman, it is seldom very severe.

What Causes Sore Breasts After Ovulation?

Menstrual cycle in women is greatly influenced by two female hormones, namely estrogen and progesterone. Sore breasts after ovulation generally occur due to rise in progesterone hormone. It is a good indicator that you have ovulated. There is rise in progesterone level with each day after ovulation; you know your body makes the ground work in anticipation of possible pregnancy after ovulation has occurred.

Rise of progesterone causes water retention in the body; this is to prepare the uterus for pregnancy. Retention of water leads to swelling in certain parts of the body and breast is one of them. The water retained in breast tissue stretches the breasts; this makes the breasts tender and painful.

Although it is the progesterone rise that is responsible for breast tenderness and pain after ovulation, the intensity and severity of the symptom may depend on the concentration of progesterone. It may vary from one woman to another, for this reason some women may experience it more than others.

Home Remedies For Sore Breasts After Ovulation

As mentioned earlier sore breasts after ovulation is a normal phenomenon and it is not severe in most cases. Moreover it subsides on its own. However, if sore breasts are causing lot of discomfort and pain you may consult your physician.

Meanwhile you can also take certain home treatment and measures to relieve discomfort and pain arising from breast tenderness.

  • First of all change your normal underwire bra and start wearing a support bra that provides support as well as comfort to your breasts.
  • The next best thing is cold fomentation on the painful area of the breast. Take few ice cubes from the refrigerator and wrap them in a clean towel. Now apply the wrapped ice cube over the painful breasts for 5 to 10 minutes. Do this procedure at least three times in a day. It is the most effective home remedy for treating breast soreness caused after ovulation.
  • Reduce your salt intake. Since salt retains water, reducing salt during acute phase of soreness it will help in reducing water retention.
  • You have to remain active during this phase and eat low fat and carbohydrate diet.
  • Eat fiber rich foods; this includes green leafy vegetables and fruits. Fiber rich foods help in regulating progesterone and estrogen hormones. It thus helps in reducing tenderness and pain in breasts.
  • After ovulation when breasts become enlarged and swollen, slow and soft massage with essential oil brings immense relief in pain and tenderness. Sweet almond oil or lanolin massage can effectively prevent and treat any cracks and fissures on nipples and areola arising from breast tissue enlargement.

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