Home Remedies and Treatment to Increase Size of Small Breasts

Treatment for Small Breasts

Not every woman is blessed with firm, supple, and sizeable breasts. Breast sizes or breast cups depend on factors such as heredity, weight, and at times even exercise. Although petite breast sizes are not in any way diseases or disorders, a lot of women search for treatments for small breasts. Such females seek for treatments because of a number of reasons, such as an improvement in self-esteem. Some equate breast size with sexiness and attractiveness, and believe that this will add to their beauty and aid them in their relationships. Whatever the reasons may be, there are indeed treatments that can add to the breast size. These treatments need not be through incisions or chemicals, which are commonly offered in aesthetic clinics.

What Causes Small Breasts Development

Genes play a major role in regulating hormones that in turn affect breast size. During puberty, the body releases a set of hormones which cause major changes in the body. The breast and hips begin to take shape. The concentration of adipose tissues in the breast begins to increase as well. At the age of 20, the breasts stop from developing. The size would no longer increase unless pregnancy takes place. Breasts are areas for fat deposits, much like a woman’s hips and buttocks. It is almost always proportional to body weight. An increase in body mass can result to an increase in breast size. In this way, underweight or malnourishment can result to small breasts.

Small Breasts Home Remedy

Estrogen is a hormone found in females directly responsible for bodily changes. Estrogen production can be stimulated with the consumption of some foods. These include:

  • Nuts. Nuts contain phytoestrogen which is a safe form of the hormone. Even beer contains phytoestrogen. Consume around 10 grams of almonds, peanuts, or other nuts per day.
  • Milk. Drinking soya milk or fresh cow’s milk increases progesterone, which is the partner hormone of estrogen.
  • Fats. An increased amount of vegetable oils, eggs, chicken, and seafood in the diet can help increase total body mass in a healthy manner. This type of diet must be partnered by a cardiovascular exercise catered to the body’s needs.
  • Fenugreek seeds. Combine 2 cups of water with an abundant helping of fenugreek seeds. Adding spices such as caraway, fennel, anise, or licorice is optional. Lemon juice and honey can also be added to make a better tasting juice. Around 1 to 2 cups of this mixture a day can enhance a female’s cleavage.

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