Women’s Health Issues Symptoms | Signs of Health Problems in Women

Women’s Health Issues Signs:

  • Symptoms of a heart disease or a heart attack in particular could be very different in women. They are not as transparent as they are in men. Although there are similar signs such as a heart crashing pain on the chest, a radiating pain from above the chest extending to the arms, back, teeth and jaw, shortness of breath, sweating, fainting, pain in the abdomen, nausea and vomiting.
  • In women, there is also a feeling of being lightheaded or dizzy, clammy skin, and an unexplained fatigue. A recurring chest pain that is relieved by rest should be an early sign of a heart ailment. But others would be worse because they do not have any dramatic symptoms at all.
  • A mass that seems abnormal might be an early sign of cancer. But we can never tell unless tests will be made. The growth could be on the breast or on the cervix or vagina. Anywhere it grows, where it shouldn’t be, is a cause for concern.
  • As to women’s sexual health problems, vaginal bleeding is actually a symptom. It could be a sign that a more serious problem is occurring inside the body. Never ignore vaginal bleeding because it could mean the presence of cancer cells in the lining of the cervix. If not cancer, there are other health problems that may have triggered the bleeding.

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