Causes Of Eyelid Wrinkles: How To Get Rid Of Them Naturally?

Aging is irreversible process and every living being has to pass through this phase. Several changes take place with aging. Wrinkles on eyelid are common aging feature that are difficult to hide. Of course genetics has a greater role to play in developing eyelid wrinkles.

Though eyelid wrinkles do not cause any harm to the body, many people want to get rid of them due to cosmetic issues.

For many, wrinkles on eyelids may become a cause for embarrassment. It may be a reason for low self esteem.

Fortunately, the creases on and around the eyelids can be minimized by changing lifestyle pattern such as quitting smoking, reducing exposure to UV rays of sun etc. While it is impossible to prevent wrinkles, there are several natural home remedies that may help to erase those visible wrinkles on eyelids.

What Causes Wrinkles On Eyelids?

There are varied reasons responsible for eyelid wrinkles. Wrinkles on eyelids are common with aging. As you age, the oil glands under the skin lose its natural capacity to produce oil that is required. As a result the skin becomes wrinkled.

The subcutaneous fat which keeps the skin tight also decreases with aging and causes the skin to wrinkle and sag.

There is loss of elastin and collagen connective tissue which maintains elasticity of skin. The combined effect of all these factors leads to wrinkles on eyelids.

Lifestyle factors such as excessive exposure to UV rays of sun, cigarette smoking, alcohol, can cause premature eyelid wrinkles.

Though facial expressions are important for non verbal communication, repeated facial expressions can leave wrinkles and creases around the eyelids.

Exposure to extreme climatic changes, losing weight, stress, reading and working in dim light for prolonged hours all contribute to early appearance of wrinkles on eyelids.

Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Eyelid Wrinkles

There are several procedures in modern medicine to cure wrinkles on eyelids such as Botox therapy, cosmetic surgery etc, but they are invasive and expensive. Home remedies provide an equal alternative to such therapies and they are easy to apply, less expensive and it does not hurt you. However it may take time for positive results.

One of the important things to keep in mind is to keep your skin well hydrated. A well hydrated skin causes less damage to skin cells. Drink enough water to maintain moisture in the skin. At least 8 to 9 glasses of water should be taken daily.

  • Apply coconut oil or castor oil on the eyelids and massage the area in circular motion. It increases blood flow and keeps the skin moist. Both, oil and massage helps the wrinkles to keep at bay.
  • Peel one potato and cut it into thin slices. Place the slice on your eyelid for 15 minutes. It is beneficial in reducing eyelid wrinkles.
  • Cucumber is time tested remedy for eyelid wrinkles. Place few cut slice of cucumber on your eyelids for a while daily. After a period of time you may find the wrinkles becoming less visible.
  • Mix turmeric powder and sugarcane juice till it forms a consistent paste. Apply the paste on your eyelids and let it remain for 10 minutes. Wash your eyes with cold water. Regular application will diminish wrinkles and also make the skin over the area appear bright.
  • Vitamin E is essential for healthy skin. Cut one or two vitamin E capsules and put the oil in almond oil. Massage your eyelids regularly with it. After few days you may find the wrinkles on eyelids getting less visible.
  • Also quit cigarettes and alcohol as both can cause wrinkles on your eyelids.
  • Use protective eye-wear or sunglasses when you go out in daytime to prevent damage caused by UV rays of sun.

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