Home Remedies to Naturally Tightening Skin with Cream and Exercise

As a person ages, the skin looses it elasticity and will start to sag and look less supple. In addition to ageing, other factors can also lead to problems with the skin, these include unprotected sun exposure and the lack of proper diet and nutrition.

Skin Tightening Naturally

Skin tightening may be achieved naturally without the use of cosmetics or some of the more conventional products.

Some of the more popular home remedies for skin tightening include:

Lemon Juice

  • Applying diluted lemon juice to the face is said to have a tightening effect on it.
  • The acid will help to peel off the dead skin it can also help lighten the appearance of age spots.
  • Lemon also contains vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant that can also help protect the skin against free radicals.

Home Made Masks

  • Masks are used in skin care to help deliver needed nutrients to the face.
  • These can be created at home with the use of materials that can be found in the pantry.
  • Some items used for skin tightening masks include eggs, avocado, oatmeal, and papaya.
  • Lemon juice mixed with a bit of honey can also be used as an affective mask.
  • Milk and Vitamin E together can also make for a light mask

How About Natural Skin Tightening Creams?

There are many cosmetic companies who are coming up with so-called natural skin tightening serums, creams, and potions. Before using these products women must first make sure that these are indeed reliable and ‘natural’.

Some of the things to look out for when buying natural creams include:

  • Manufacturer – Be sure that the manufacturer is credible and is known for creating natural products.
  • Ingredients list – Read the ingredients list before purchasing an item, make sure that it is made of all natural products.
  • Skin Compatibility – Make sure that the chosen cream matches the skin type. Oily skinned individuals and those who are prone to acne, for example should choose oil-free products.

Skin Tightening Exercises

The effectiveness of facial exercises is a well-debated topic, but since many women swear by it, it is therefore worth a try.

  • Look for a guide that can teach you the proper facial exercises that will help keep the skin taut.
  • Do the exercises for the recommend number of times.
  • In addition to exercises, exfoliation is also important to help keep the skin looking young and clear.

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