Wrinkles Diet, Foods: Prevent Aging Skin With Vitamins And Juice

Wrinkles and Aging

Thanks to daily wear and tear, the body becomes subjected to various changes as the person grows older. Wrinkles are among these changes. In fact, wrinkles are among the first signs of aging. Still, not all people who have wrinkles are old.

The reason for this is that wrinkles can be caused by other factors aside from aging.

For instance, prolonged and constant exposure to the sun can cause wrinkles to appear prematurely. Thus, frequent tanning, especially in tanning salons, can actually make a person look old faster than those who allow their bodies to tan naturally. Of course, wrinkles are not painful nor are they life threatening. Thus, the patient should not be worried too much if he/she has wrinkles already.

Diet to Prevent Wrinkles

As with any problem with any part of the body, wrinkles can be treated using proper diet. Eating healthy and maintaining a healthy diet can also help in keeping the skin looking young and healthy. One only has to eat certain types of food that will not cause the skin to break out or become too oily or dry.

Here are some of the dietary tips for healthy skin that patients might want to try:

Vitamins For Aging Skin

  • Vitamin E has always been known to give a person young looking skin from the inside out. Well, there are a number of food sources where one can get natural vitamin E. It is best to include in the diet vegetable oils, nuts like almonds and peanuts, vegetables like spinach and broccoli, and fruits like kiwis and mangoes. These all have high levels of vitamin E in them.

Foods For Wrinkle Free Skin

  • There are also other foods that the individual should take to help get rid of wrinkles or to help keep the skin look young. The best way to do this is to eat a lot of fresh produce and less of processed foods that have preservatives, high levels of sodium, and possible harmful ingredients in them.
  • Some people have tried going vegetarian, and they have found that this move has done wonders for their skin.

Best Remedies For Wrinkles

  • Mix fresh sugarcane and turmeric to make a paste. Apply this on the areas prone to wrinkles.
  • Apply lemon juice on the wrinkles.
  • Mix olive oil, cream, and honey to make a sticky paste. Apply on the face.
  • Rub a core of pineapple on the areas with wrinkles and the rest of the face. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing.

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