Wrinkles On Stomach: Natural Remedies And Dietary Supplements

Wrinkles are a sign of aging and weakened skin. As age progresses, the skin tissue loose collagen fiber which is essential to maintain elasticity of the skin. Lack of collagen results in inability of the skin to retain moisture and therefore results in wrinkling. Other factors contributing to wrinkles include a faulty and poor diet, excessive dryness of the skin, exposure to the sun and other genetic factors.

While wrinkles appear on any part of the body, stomach wrinkles are more commonly observed in females. Wrinkles on the stomach are attributed to sudden weight gain or weight loss, child birth or weight lifting. As per estimates, almost 90% of all females having stretch marks or wrinkles on the stomach are attributed to pregnancy.

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Stomach Wrinkles

As mentioned, wrinkles are caused primarily due to loss of collagen tissue due to skin damage. The key tip to get rid of wrinkles is to focus on improving collagen concentration of the skin and trying to keep the skin healthy.

  • Local application of skin moisturizer will help restore moisture and enhance the elasticity of the skin.
    This naturally reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Natural products which can help hydrate the skin include cocoa butter, shea butter and aloe vera. Apply these products on the stomach and massage the skin in a single unidirectional anti- cyclic motion. Repeated massaging of the skin with these natural products improves skin hydration. In expecting mothers, it helps to apply these natural moisturizer products during the third trimester of pregnancy to prevent the occurrence of stretch marks and wrinkles post pregnancy.
  • Application of wheat germ oil is considered beneficial. Wheat germ oil is loaded with Vitamin E which helps build collagen tissue. Further, the oil contains high level of antioxidants which help regenerate damaged and dead skin. Local application of wheat germ oil is potent to deal with wrinkles, stretch marks and scars.
  • Local application of Vitamin A or retinoic acid cream is also helpful. Vitamin A helps improve skin health by improving the dermal and epidermal tissue health. Please consult your doctor before applying vitamin A on the skin as it can result in burning and redness, if used in excess.

Dietary Supplements For Wrinkles On Stomach

  • Ensure that your diet is loaded with Vitamin B complex. Experts from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine claim that Vitamin B complex especially B1 and B6 act as age inhibitors and help delay the process of skin aging. While the dosage of supplements should be 1.1 mg and 1.3 mg daily respectively, the dosage would increase gradually as the age advances.
  • A better dietary regimen will help improve skin health and fight wrinkles. Reduce the intake of processed and refined foods like sugar and white bread. Instead increase the consumption of natural and organic foods namely whole grains, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, etc. Cut back on the consumption of meat and dairy products. Eat foods that are loaded with antioxidants such as red bell pepper, walnuts and cranberries.
  • Simple abdominal exercises like yoga and stretches will help tone the muscles of the abdomen and reduce the appearance of sagging skin. While exercises don’t inherently reduce wrinkles, they boost overall health and therefore contribute to better skin health.

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