Wrinkles Symptoms | Signs of Wrinkled Skin

Signs and Symptoms of Wrinkled Skin:

Of course, the most telltale sign of wrinkles is the sagging of the skin and the lines that are created by the loose skin and loss of collagen in the skin. You can often see these loose skin and these lines appear on your face and on the surface of your hands. There are actually very few symptoms when it comes to wrinkles but it is very easy to tell when a person has wrinkles because they are often very visible.

  • Sometimes you may not see wrinkles on a person’s face when it is in a state of rest, but when a person moves some parts of their face, like when they squint or furrow their brows, you will see lines forming on the side of the eyes called crow’s feet or line forming on the forehead.
  • Sometimes even smiling can cause wrinkles. Usually called laugh lines, these wrinkles are often seen on the side of a person’s mouth, usually on both sides or on the side that the person favors when he smiles.
  • When aging is the cause of wrinkles, you can also see spots on a person’s skin to show that the skin is indeed aging. You can see these age spots along with these wrinkles on a person’s face, on his hands, and on his forearms.

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