Vaginal Yeast Infection Causes | Candidiasis in Women Causes

Yeast Infection Causes:

Candidiasis or vaginal yeast infection is caused by the fungus called candida and more often than not by the candida albicans species of this fungus. How a person gets vaginal yeast infections from this fungus is often dependent on a woman’s sexual behaviour and how she takes care of her private parts.

  • A woman can get vaginal yeast infections when she takes certain medication like steroids or antibiotics.
  • Other reasons why a woman may get vaginal yeast infections include her taking birth control pills, getting pregnant or during pregnancy, the presence of sperm in her vaginal area, and even the ailment diabetes. All of this can contribute to her having a yeast infection.
  • A lowered immune system is also one of the reasons why a woman may develop a yeast infection. Usually those women who have certain ailments that make them prone to infection like cancer, HIV/AIDS, and other similar ailments that causes a person’s immunity to go down may suffer from bouts with yeast infection and may even find themselves infected with fungal growths all over the body due to the presence of the candida fungus.
  • Catethers and infected needles can also cause a person to get the candida fungus. Drug users are at risk with this kind of an infection if they reuse needles that come from a person who has candidiasis.

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