Preventing Vaginal Yeast Infection | How to Prevent Candidiasis

Yeast Infection Prevention Measures:

When trying to prevent yeast infections, you can do a few things to help avoid the recurrence of this problem and to avoid any complications with a current yeast infection by following some of these suggestions:

  • When you shower, make sure that your vaginal area is thoroughly dry before you put on your underwear and your clothes. Since fungi thrive in areas that are moist and damp, you should try to avoid such conditions.
  • Try to opt for cotton underwear instead of synthetic underwear since these can allow your vaginal area to air out or to breathe, so to speak.
  • Make sure that when you wipe your vaginal area, you always use the front-to-back movement not the reverse to help protect you from infections that may come from bacteria that is found near the anal area of your anatomy.
  • Try to avoid wearing anything that is tight around the crotch. This will often aggravate problems with vaginal yeast infections and may cause them due to the resulting sweat and heat from such outfits.
  • When trying to avoid yeast infections, you should try to avoid using strong soaps and scented washes on your private parts since these can alter the pH balance in the area. You should opt for unscented vaginal washes that are formulated for such regions of your body.

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