Causes Of Bleeding Testicles: How To Prevent & Stop Bleeding?

Testicles also called testes are a pair of egg shaped organs that hang in a loose skin sac called scrotum. The spermatic cord is attached to testicles and keeps it hanging in the scrotal sac. Testicle is a male sex organ. It produces male hormone testosterone and sperm. Bleeding in testes is rare, but injury to testes is one of the most important causes of bleeding.

Testes are not protected with bones and muscles. They are prone to get easily traumatized. The injury to testicles can rupture the blood vessels or can tear the testicles depending on the severity. Bleeding in testicles can result from a penetrating sharp object in testis and scrotum, from a kick or falling on a hard object.

Pain, swelling, redness, vomiting and nausea are some of the symptoms of bleeding testes. Bleeding in testes needs urgent medical attention. In many cases the treatment is conservative. Sometimes surgery may be required to control bleeding.

What Causes Bleeding From Testicles?

Bleeding in the testicles can be due to several reasons. However, the most common cause of bleeding is trauma to the testicles.

Injury can cause rupture of the blood vessels of testes. It can be a penetrating wound from a sharp object or a blunt instrument.

A kick while playing soccer can traumatize the testes. Besides a hard blow to the testes after a fall on hard surface or an object can cause rupture of vessels that supply blood to testicles.

Sometimes varicose veins of testicles can rupture leading to hematoma in scrotum. Fracture of pubic bone after an injury can also lead to leakage of blood from the testicles into the scrotum.

Signs Of Internal Bleeding In Testicles

Bleeding from the ruptured vessel of testicles can be quiet distressing. It usually occurs after an injury to the testes. There is severe pain in scrotum, the sac that covers testes. Blood collects inside the scrotum. This leads to swelling of scrotum. The scrotal skin becomes red and smooth. Usually scrotal skin has many creases.

However, due to stretching caused by excess collection of blood inside the scrotum stretches the skin making it smooth and thin. The other accompanying symptoms are vomiting and nausea. Pain may radiate to the thigh or in lower abdomen. The area is tender to touch. Some patients may have fever if there is infection.

How To Prevent And To Stop Bleeding From Testicles?

Most cases of bleeding in testicles are caused due to injury. Since testicles are the outer body parts, they need to be protected while playing sports or while doing strenuous work or when you are active. One of the ways to protect the testes is to wear athletic supporter or a sports guard while playing certain sports such as cricket, soccer, karate, cycling, etc. Testicle guard is made up of different material such as plastic or a cloth pouch. The size is also important because a smaller or larger size may not be able to protect the testes from injury.

Normally small amount of bleeding stops after some time. Hematoma is formed which is resolved after a period of time with medications. However, if the injury is severe with intense bleeding, than patient may require surgical repair of the wound and stoppage of blood. Conservative treatment includes applying cold fomentation for few minutes on the affected testes for 2 to 3 times in a day.