Frequent Urination in Men with Growing Age and Effective Treatments

Frequent urination is an increase in the number of urination episodes over 24 hours without necessarily an increase in total output. When a person develops an urge to urinate more than one time in the night the term used is nocturia.

Normally a person urinates 4 to 8 times in a day, as per the convenience of the person as his bladder has the ability to store and retain the urine till he finds suitable place to void off.

However there are conditions where a person’s urge to pass urine increases either due to drinking too much water or due to deviation in his normal health. With growing age, it is common for a man to pass urine more frequently than normal; this is because of his enlarged prostate. When frequency of urination is accompanied with fever, pain in the abdomen, or burning sensation, it may indicate urinary tract infection.

Here are some of the Common Causes of Frequent Urination in Men:

  • Urinary tract infection: it is a common cause of frequent urination in men. The reason is due to bacterial infection. Renal stone, sexually transmitted disease, and low immunity are common factors for urinary tract infection.
  • Prostate enlargement: it is one of the most common causes of frequent urination in men, especially above the age of fifty.
    Enlarged prostate compresses the bladder wall and irritates the bladder to contract more often than normal. This results in frequent urge to pass urine.
  • Diabetes: due to increase build up of sugar in the blood, the body excrete it through urine.
  • Cystitis: it is inflammation of bladder wall. There is pain and discomfort in the lower abdomen with an urgent urge to pass urine more frequently.
  • Certain medications such as diuretics can also lead to frequent urination.
  • Neurological diseases which damages the nerve which supplies to the bladder can lead to frequent and involuntary urination.
  • Bladder cancer and infection in the urethra is other reasons for frequent urination in men.
  • Psychogenic cause should be diagnosed only after all the possibilities are excluded.

Treatment for Frequent Urination in Men

Frequency of urination though embarrassing is not a health hazard by itself. Treatment of the primary cause such as infection, enlarged prostate, stricture in the urethra, controlling diabetes, will relieve the person of frequency.

  • In case of benign prostate enlargement, an herb saw palmetto is effective in reducing the frequency of urination. Homeopathic medicine sabal serrulata is also effective. It should be taken after consulting a homeopath.
  • Kegel exercise is also useful to train the bladder in controlling urination. It is a pelvic muscle exercise where you contract and relax your bladder for five seconds while passing urine.
  • Avoid food that irritate bladder or act as a diuretic, quit alcohol and aerated beverages, tomato puree etc.
  • Cranberry juice is useful in urinary tract infection.
  • Eat yogurt regularly as it helps to neutralize the offending bacteria in urinary tract infection.

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