How To Increase Sperm Count and Motility Naturally with Foods

As per available information, the average sperm count per milliliter of semen is approximately 60 million sperms. However as per the WHO, a sperm count of 15 million per milliliter is normal and adequate for the process of conception. Estimates suggest that the sperm count among the human population has drastically dropped by almost 10% over the past few decades.

How to Increase Sperm Count Naturally

Here are some lifestyle tips that have been found beneficial in improving the sperm count.

  • Stress is often considered to be one of the major factors that is responsible for lower sperm count. Practicing yoga and meditation therapy helps in instilling peace and calmness in an individual which in turn is considered beneficial in improving the sperm count
  • Lifestyle disorders have been closely linked with drop in the sperm count. Regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle practice is essential to improve the sperm count. Avoid cigarettes and alcohol.
  • Avoid wearing tight underpants. Wearing tight underpants may result in overheating of the testicles which in turn affects the production of sperms. Wearing lose pants help in keeping the testicular temperature ambient and suitable for sperm growth
  • Frequent sexual intercourse or frequent ejaculations then to reduce the sperm count in subsequent semen samples. It is ideally recommended to keep a two day gap between sexual intercourse, in order to have a sperm count optimum for conception. Testicles normally take about two days to prepare a fresh batch of sperms.

Foods to Increase Sperm Count

Here are some simple dietary prescriptions to improve the sperm count,

  • It is crucial to avoid spicy, bitter and acidic foods. These foods tend to interfere with the normal process of metabolism and affect the production of sperms
  • Ensure that the diet is rich in vitamins and minerals. Include fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, dairy products and nuts in your diet. These foods are good sources of vitamins and proteins
  • Avoid cheese, butter and oily foods. These foods tend to increase weight and also increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disorders and diabetes, which are closely linked with lower sperm count.

How to Increase Sperm Count and Motility

It is worthwhile to note that the sperm level is highest in the morning and in the afternoon and lowest during night. Hence studies suggest those early mornings in the best time for sexual intercourse, especially if you are trying to conceive

  • Celery has great sexual stimulation properties and contains androsterone, a hormone which attracts females. Further it helps in increasing sexual desire
  • Oysters are rich source of zinc which is beneficial in increasing production of sperms and testosterone. Further oysters also contain dopamine which increase sexual desire
  • In addition, Avacado, Almonds and other nuts are beneficial in improving sperm count and motility.

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