Diet to Increase and Stimulate Beard Growth in Men

Beards are important for men. For them it holds many symbols, most importantly of their manhood. However, not all men grow the same kind of thick and even beards. Some men are delayed in developing their facial hair while some men don’t grow them at all. Remedies are now available to help men achieve the ideal facial hair they seek.

Increase Beard Growth

  • A beard can be defined as a collection of facial hair that grows on areas of the face such as the chin, neck, and cheeks.
  • The growth of a beard typically begins when males reach pubescent or adult stage.
  • Beard growth develops during puberty and is linked to the hormone, testosterone.
  • Some men grow thicker beards than others.
  • Some teens start growing beards earlier than others.
  • Some men do not grow facial hair or beards at all.
  • Men who do have sparse facial hair usually develop a feeling of insecurity or lowered self-esteem especially when beards are directly linked to their manhood.
  • There are many symbols for beard growth including wisdom, smart or knowledgeable, sexually appealing, masculine, and of high or important social status.
  • Treatments have now been made accessible for men wishing to increase their beard growth.

Increase Beard Growth Diet

While there is no significant evidence that a specific type of diet can increase the growth of a beard, following a health diet can significantly improve the chances of beard growth.

  • The condition of a person’s hair, even their facial hair, can be related to the body’s overall health.
  • Eating right can improve a person’s health and thus help the body to develop healthier and more responsive hair follicles.
  • A diet rich in protein such as fish and beans have been known to be beneficial for hair or beard growth.
  • Eat foods that contain vitamins and minerals that affect hair growth including zinc, vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, iron, and protein.
  • Avoid eating raw egg whites because it contains avadin which prevents biotin absorption that can affect hair growth.

How to Stimulate Beard Growth

Aside from observing a healthy diet and lifestyle, there are ways that can stimulate the growth of a beard.

  • Significantly reduce stress levels to reduce hair loss.
  • Massage the roots of the beard daily with coconut oils to enhance blood flow to the hair follicles to stimulate growth.
  • Supplement a healthy diet with vitamins and minerals such as biotin, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and vitamin E.
  • Supplement the diet with beta-carotene, flaxseed oil, and nettle which are known to increase growth of a beard.
  • Testosterone injections if doctors can prove findings of lowered testosterone levels in the blood which may be a cause for a lack of facial hair.

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