Symptoms and Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease or Erectile Dysfunction

Peyronie’s Disease Symptoms

Below are some facts that are related to the symptoms of the disease.

  • Symptoms of the disease can range from mild to severe.

  • These symptoms can appear immediately or overnight or can also develop slowly.

  • The symptoms appear because of a scar tissue or plaque or a hard lump that develops after trauma or caused by an autoimmune disorder.

  • The scar tissue or plaque that is present can reduce flexibility of the penis which can cause pain during erection. The pain usually decreases over time.

  • The plaque also will make the penis bend and this will affect the reproduction.

  • Inflammation of the penis can also be observed and can go away after some time for mild cases.

  • The plaque or scar tissue is benign and not contagious.

Peyronie’s Disease Treatment

  • Vitamin E Supplements. Studies have shown that patients with Peyronie’s disease who took vitamin E supplements have shown improvements but effectiveness has not been established by a controlled study.

  • Aminobenzoate potassium, pentoxifylline, colchicine, and tamoxifen are oral medications that can help manage symptoms but have not been proven to cure the disease.

  • Use of verapamil injections has been proven to lessen the curvature of the penis that is formed by the scar tissues or plaque.

  • Iontophoresis. This is a procedure that uses painless electrical current to administer chemicals such as verapamil directly under the skin of the penis and into the scar tissue or the plaque.

  • Radiation therapy can be used to relieve discomfort and pain that are experienced by patients with the condition. This treatment procedure has no effect on the plaque or scar tissue that is causing the disease.

  • Surgery is considered to be the most effective treatment option. There are three kinds of surgical procedures that can be chosen to treat the disease. First one is removal of the plaque and then replacing it with a patch of skin, vein, or a certain material that is made from animal organs. Plication is the second procedure which is done by pinching the tunica albuginea which treats the bending effect. Last is by implanting a certain device that aids penis to become rigid and helps it to become straight.

Peyronie’s Disease Exercises

There are two basic exercises that have been recommended by experts in managing symptoms of the peyronie’s disease. These two exercises should be done for seven minutes on a daily basis.

  • Gradual or slow bending of the erection towards the opposite side of the curvature regularly can help in managing symptoms of the disease after some time.

  • Stretching the penis to its full extent that does not cause any discomforts can also be done in a regular basis when there is no evidence of reaction.

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