How To Safely Remove Hair From Balls Or Testicles

Genitals are extra sensitive compared to other parts of the body. Removing hair from genitals or manscaping can be a very scary thing to do. Many are scared of possible nick and cuts on their private parts. However, there really is nothing to be scared about if one is careful and calm while removing pubic hair.

Here are some ways to safely remove hair from the pubic region, especially on the balls:

  • Shaving. This may be the easiest way to have a clean, smooth finish. Just make sure that the blades are fresh and new.

Blunt blades would not do any good. One may also use personal shavers, intimate shavers, or pubic shavers instead of ordinary shavers, as they are specifically designed for the pubic areas. Shaving is associated with higher risk of cuts and also increases the risk of in-growth of pubic hair.

  • Trimming. This is only to cut down the length of pubic hair, and not totally remove the hairs. It is advised to use sharp scissors and avoid blunt, rusty ones. Trimming however reduces the risk of cuts or in-growth of pubic hair.

What Is The Best Way To Remove Hair From Testicles?

The best and most convenient way of totally removing hair from the testicles is through shaving. Waxing is not advisable as the skin around this area is too loose and will cause pain.

So here are some tips and ways on how to safely remove hair from testicles:

  • Prepare the razors. Make sure that the blades are fresh and new. Old razors tend to be blunt and ineffective in shaving away all the hair strands.
  • Choose a shaving cream best for sensitive skin. One may also opt to use hair conditioners to lubricate the genital area. Shaving creams or conditioners should be hypoallergenic since the genital areas are more sensitive compared to other parts of the body.
  • Take a warm bath. Warm baths can smoothen and soften the hairs and can make shaving easier. Make sure to exfoliate well using sponge or loofah to unclog pores and prevent ingrown hairs in the future.
  • Trim if the pubic hairs are long and bushy with sharp scissors. Trim until the hairs are about half an inch long so that shaving can be easier.
  • Shave starting from the shaft towards the upper region of the genitals with downward strokes. As for the testicles, shave going upwards, against the hair growth.
  • After shaving, rinse well and moisturize. Moisturizing can help irritations and itchy sensations. Dusting the pubic region can also prevent chafing.
  • After shaving also wash the area with warm water and add a few drops of tea tree oil to it. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and also hastens healing of small cuts and bruises on the skin, which might have occurred during the shaving. Direct local application should be ideally avoided. Alternatively on could use diluted Salvon or Dettol solutions to prevent infections.




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